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Conveyor belt and other machinery at the warehouse.

Intralogistics Automation Services

VRADEL LTD is based in the Midlands, providing comprehensive engineering services to help  boost  productivity, and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of manufacturing and warehousing process operations.

VRADEL LTD offer comprehensive engineering services for your business's requirements

Service Level Agreements

Electrical panels in a corridor at a warehouse.

Electrical, Mechanical & Commissioning Support

VRADEL LTD offers Electrical, Mechanical, and Commissioning Support and assistance, helping to build a robust infrastructure. We make sure to use integrated solutions to supply operational efficiencies by improving on speed and accuracy, among other metrics. Our experienced team of hard-working engineers work with you directly to provide any support you might need. When on-site, we can offer maintenance to resolve any problems that may occur.

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

24/7 Call Outs With Guaranteed SLAs

VRADEL LTD understand that Intralogistics companies need a reliable emergency response service in the event of failed equipment, as well as guaranteed SLAs to reduce the odds of a system going down. In the event of an emergency, you’ll find that we’re completely reliable and flexible, responding to your situation as quickly as possible. Thanks to our guaranteed reaction time, we help you to keep interruptions to a minimum.

A large drive wheel and motor in a warehouse.

Planned Maintenance & Repair

When it comes to automation, it’s a well-known fact that maintenance and repairs are inevitable. When your system is shut down, it’s vital to have a plan in place to keep your facilities running smoothly. We are open 24/7 meaning we can complete this maintenance and repair at your convenience, ensuring we don't interrupt your schedule or workflow. 

Hardware Warehouse

Site Management & Project Support

We make sure to work closely with our customers to guarantee all work is completed efficiently, and on time. With an attentive approach to performance testing,  we ensure everything is tailored to your specific project needs. 

When the installation process is completed, our professional and friendly team will conduct quality assurance (IQA) tests to ensure the machine is functioning at its best. We can even offer training to get your staff up to speed with how to operate each bit of machinery.

Chatting at Warehouse

Continuous Improvement Projects

VRADEL LTD provide continuous improvement plans for existing equipment. We can make improvements in the following areas, and more:

  • Labour productivity 

  • Any material damage

  • Bottlenecks on systems

  • Energy usage

As a result, continuous projects plans are a great way to reduce any downtime. Our team will deliver these changes in a safe, stable, and efficient way.

Closeup front view of unrecognizable worker welding two metal plates with gas welding mach


> We can maintain and install fabrication machinery and processes for businesses just like yours. Our efficient solutions allow for the better movement and safety of your products. Choosing the right method of fabrication can be complicated, so be sure to speak to the team at VRADEL LTD and benefit from our many years of experience.

Technical Cleaning Solutions

Our technical cleaning solutions are crucial for automated systems. We fully check and maintain them on your behalf, tackling the dirt and grime that builds up due to regular usage. If left neglected, this debris can cause unnecessary downtime, and lead to further wear and tear of the machinery.

Factory Shutdowns

Our industrial engineers have vast experience in factory and site shutdowns, covering a range of industries. When a factory shutdown is required, you can rely on our engineers to be by your side, acting as valued partners. We’ll help you to complete any maintenance work necessary, keeping within your timescale and budget demands. When you choose VRADEL LTD, you know you’re in safe hands.

Electric, mechanical & commissioning support
Planned Maintenance & repair
Site management & project support
Technical cleaning solutions
Continuous improvement projects
Factory shutdowns

Are you looking for intralogistics automation services? Look no further, call VRADEL LTD today.

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